Just The Two Of Us – Jennifer & Jake’s Big Island Beach Wedding

February 12, 2024


Our lovely couple, Jennifer and Jake’s Big Island beach wedding, was a day filled with love and joy! Their journey, beginning as colleagues and evolving into a beautiful love story, culminated in a breathtaking ceremony that perfectly captured the essence of their relationship.

Their engagement, marked by a heartfelt surprise from Jake, set the tone for the sweetness and sincerity that marked their union. As Jake presented an intricately designed ring, professing his love and commitment, the stage was set for a future filled with joy and togetherness. With an 11-year-old son, Kai, adding an extra touch of warmth and liveliness to their lives, Jennifer and Jake savored every moment spent together, whether it was exploring the Oregon coast, indulging in a round of golf, or simply reveling in the simple joys of life. So, we were beyond thrilled to coordinate this beautiful couple’s beach wedding!

big island beach wedding
big island beach wedding
big island beach wedding

Happiest Moments

The picturesque setting of Kukio Beach proved to be the perfect backdrop for their special day. The soft, golden light filtering through the swaying palm trees created an ethereal ambiance. It elevated the already magical atmosphere of the celebration. The exchange of rings with the gentle touch of the ocean water symbolized their deep connection to nature and each other. It also weaved a sense of tranquility and harmony into the ceremony. Their Big Island beach wedding was truly a moment to remember!

As the couple stood amidst the tropical elements that make a Big Island wedding so extraordinary, they radiated a timeless elegance and charm. Their love, palpable in every shared glance and tender embrace, added an irresistible warmth to the occasion.

wedding ceremony
big island beach wedding
big island beach wedding
wedding in hawaii
big island beach wedding
big island beach wedding
big island beach wedding
big island beach wedding
big island beach wedding
big island beach wedding

Jennifer and Jake’s wedding was not just a celebration of their love but also a testament to the beauty of new beginnings and the joy found in shared moments. Lastly, Congratulations to the lovely couple as they begin this new chapter of their lives together!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Big Island Wedding Package: Hawaii Elopement Package #1 by Simple Hawaii Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Kalinda of Simple Hawaii Wedding

Big Island Beach Weddings: Kukio Beach

Wedding Florals: Leis & Something Blue Bouquet by Grace Flowers Hawaii

Big Island Officiant: Kahu Tom

Wedding Photographer in Hawaii: Pomai of Karma Hill Photography

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