Cultural Touches – Mariah & Jason’s Big Island Venue Wedding

May 31, 2024


Mariah and Jason’s Big Island venue wedding was filled with love, tradition, and the joy of starting a new chapter together! With their two adorable children, Greyson and Freya, by their side, they celebrated one of the biggest moments of their lives! We were honored they entrusted Simple Hawaii Wedding for their special day. Keep reading to see how their day unfolded!

big island venue wedding

For Mariah and Jason, intimacy and tradition were key elements they wanted to incorporate into their special day. With a desire for a smaller, more meaningful celebration, they opted for a venue that would allow them to share their love with their closest family and friends. And what’s even better they were all right on the sand! The Royal Kona Resort provided the perfect backdrop for their intimate gathering, with its picturesque views and tranquil ambiance setting the stage for a day they would never forget.

big island venue wedding
big island venue wedding

As Mariah walked down the aisle, radiant in her lace gown, and Jason stood waiting with a big smile. Beforehand, they told us they were feeling a mixture of excitement, joy, and a little bit of nerves all rolled into one! It’s totally natural to feel about a moment they have been waiting for their entire lives! Surrounded by loved ones, they exchanged vows, sealing their commitment to each other with a kiss.

A Family Celebration

Their ceremony blended tradition and personal touches beautifully, with traditional Native American elements woven throughout. These sacred rituals added a deeper layer of meaning to their union, honoring their heritage and the journey that brought them together. Naturally, there were a few tears shed during the ceremony! It meant so much to the couple to incorporate their kids and their culture with touches of aloha too. The result was just what they envisioned thanks to our fantastic team and vendors!

big island venue wedding
wedding in hawaii
big island venue wedding
beach wedding
big island venue wedding
big island venue wedding
wedding in hawaii

After the ceremony, the newlyweds took a moment to capture the day’s magic with elegant portraits by the water’s edge. Against the backdrop of the ocean, they looked positively radiant! We couldn’t be happier for them both! Mariah and Jason were so grateful for the love that surrounded them and the journey that had brought them to this very moment in paradise.

wedding on the big island
big island venue wedding
big island venue wedding
groom on beach

Congratulations Mariah and Jason! We hope you had an amazing day! It was a joy to work with you both. We wish you a lifetime of love and joy with your family! Enjoy your time in Hawaii!


Time of Day: Afternoon

Big Island Wedding Package: Royal Kona Ceremony Package Sunset Cove by Simple Hawaii Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Kalinda of Simple Hawaii Wedding

Wedding Florals: Leis, Boutonniere, Attendant Bouquet, & Custom Bouquet by Grace Flowers Hawaii

Big Island Officiant: Michaela Larson

Wedding Photographer in Hawaii: Pomai of Karma Hill Photography

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