A Hawaiian Blessing – Sheng & Jennifer’s Big Island Elopement

October 10, 2023


For Sheng and Jennifer, their love for travel and tropical destinations brought them together. From exploring big cities like Tokyo and Osaka to immersing themselves in the vibrant art scene, their shared passions have created a deep bond. After Sheng proposed underwater, holding a sign while snorkeling in Okinawa, they knew that their dream wedding had to be an intimate elopement on the beautiful island of Hawaii! These two clearly love adventure, so a Big Island elopement felt just right for the next chapter of their love story…Re-live their incredible day with us through these photographs below!

big island elopement
big island elopement

Our Commitment To Each Other

Their lovely ceremony began with a traditional Hawaiian ritual and blessing, setting the tone for a truly magical day. The couple also incorporated a sand ceremony, symbolizing their commitment to each other in a uniquely Hawaiian touch. Holding onto a paddle, a romantic gesture representing their journey through life together, they exchanged heartfelt vows by the natural lava rocks and the shimmering blue ocean at Kukio Beach.

Love was in the air as Sheng and Jennifer celebrated their union on the breathtaking shores of the Big Island. The essence of Aloha enveloped them, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and happiness. Their smiles were infectious, showcasing their genuine love and excitement for this special moment.

The photographs captured during their Hawaii elopement perfectly showcased the passion and uniqueness of their love story. From the extraordinary underwater shots to the enchanting moments on the beach, every image was a testament to their adventurous spirits and the beauty of their connection. These stunning portraits will undoubtedly make everyone understand why a Big Island elopement is just the dreamiest!

big island elopement
big island elopement
wedding in hawaii
big island elopement
big island elopement
big island elopement
happy couple
big island elopement
happy wedding in hawaii

The Wedding Of Our Dreams

Sheng and Jennifer were a vision of beauty and elegance on their Big Island Elopement. From Jennifer’s long veil blowing gracefully in the breeze to Sheng’s sharp and classic suit, they radiated sophistication and charm. Their newlywed portraits captured this timeless beauty, reflecting their deep love and happiness. These two were just the sweetest, and we were so delighted to make their dream come true!

Our photography coverage of their special day lasted into the golden hours of the evening, all around the classic natural features like lava rocks of the Big Island. Who needs a formal altar when you have these breathtaking natural features, even with a visit from a turtle!

beach wedding in hawaii
beach bride
big island elopement
sunset elopement
sunset elopement
sunset elopement
sunset elopement

Congratulations to this happy pair! We are so happy for you! You both were a joy to work with! We wish you nothing but the absolute best for the decades ahead, with love and aloha in your hearts!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Big Island Elopement Packages: by Simple Hawaii Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Lana of Simple Hawaii Wedding

Big Island Beach Weddings: Kukio Beach

Wedding Florals: Leis & Something Blue Bouquet by Grace Flowers Hawaii

Big Island Wedding Package: Hawaii Elopement Package #1

Hair & Makeup: Indigo Grace Artistry

Big Island Officiant: Michaela Larson

Wedding Photographer in Hawaii: Karma of Karma Hill Photography

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